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A LGBT support page for people who get bullied or just having a hard time to cope, or they don’t have anyone to tell, or just simply looking for people to be friends
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 Introduce yourself ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Introduce yourself ^^   Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:14 pm

Okay, I see some people were here so I will write first mine.
I had hard time being bisexual especially when I found it out when I was 15. Now I will be 25 in this year. My family still dont know. My mom is a hardcore homophobe.
I got my first girlfriend when i was 17. My first I can say lesbian relationship. We was together 2 and half years. In secret. I couldnt talk about it to anyone, or to say anything. I was keeping it quiet.
I knew if my mom would find out I would end up on street. I had nowhere to turn if anything happens, or to anyone.
So the reason I wanted this to happen, to support you guys.. emotionally get through hard times, or you just wanna talk to someone about it.
Please dont be afraid. We are here for each other to help.

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June Grohl


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PostSubject: Re: Introduce yourself ^^   Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:40 pm

Hey guys!
I'm straight but sometimes I'm questioning it, you know. I fully support the LGBT community and that's why I'm here, to help you, to just talk to you, making new friends. Don't be afraid to join this forum, I see some guests around, please join us.
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Introduce yourself ^^
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